23 July, 2017

Our clients have spoken: V&B is the most dedicated agency in Sweden!

You might think that I am bragging now as a CEO, but I prefer to see this as proof of an agency that is truly committed. Approximately two years ago, Valentin&Byhr began a major journey towards change. Our suit was not cutting edge, and the fit left a lot to ask for, if I may be completely honest. But the extremely hard and dedicated work of all, both staff and management, has paid off. Today, our suit is up-to-date and the fit is just right.

Every year, the Swedish research and analyst company REGI performs an extensive client survey, evaluating the relationship between clients and their ad agencies. After numerous interviews with an impressive number of selected clients, REGI presents its findings together with an Agency of the Year shortlist in each category and discipline. When we finally get to see the results, or the verdict I might say, it is always with eager anticipation. According to me, this is the most important agency contest in Sweden because it reveals, down in black and white, what our clients really think about us.

We want to be voted the most dedicated agency every year and we want to become Sweden's most curious agency, bar none

Magnus Tengby, CEO

In 2016, we competed in the elite division for agencies with + SEK 50M in sales and landed on an honorable fourth place after KING, Forsman & Bodenfors and Åkestam & Holst. I am genuinely proud of our placement as a lot of renowned Gothenburg and Stockholm agencies were further down on the list. But, what makes me even more proud is that we came out on top in the category that clients value most highly in a partner - Commitment. We were also number one in the country on Administrative Procedures. We came in second on Production Management , third on Delivery  and number six on Analytical Skills  and Creativity  as a whole. Obviously, we're not satisfied with this and we will keep on improving ourselves even more, every day, year round. We want to be voted the most dedicated agency every year and we want to become Sweden's most curious agency, bar none. And, of course, we want to get to the very top of the REGI shortlist in all categories.

Reading through this, it does sound a bit like bragging. But you know what, we're worth it!