Göteborg Energi

We bring power to Göteborg


Göteborg Energi is one of Gothenburg's most well-known and unknown enterprises. Their business is vital for the city, yet few citizens know what they do or aim for. Our mission became to get the Gothenburgers to know and like their own energy company.


Göteborg Energi can like no other energy company claim that they work with Gothenburg's best interest at heart. Consequently, we decided to focus on the company's local commitment, and present Göteborg Energi as the – in every aspect of the word – local power provider. "We bring power to Göteborg" became their new promise, and we launched a campaign set to visualize how the company's many areas of business bring physical power, competitive power and growing power to the city. But greatest of all is the power of love. So that's where we began.


Our ambition was to win the hearts of the Gothenburgers, so we produced a campaign with a tonality far from the dispassionate energy business standard. There were no products, no talk about technology. Only a low-key, poetic tribute to Gothenburg, accompanied by a beautiful song composed by the acclaimed singer songwriter Timo Räisänen. The campaign ran in local tv, outdoor and in the local morning paper, and it had a remarkable impact. The citizens' positive associations to Göteborg Energi soared from 8 % to 17 %, and the tvc scored 4,0 among those who saw it, which according to media specialist Carat is exceptionally good and rare. Another proof of the campaign's great impact is the success of the campaign song "Never far away". The recording has had over 100 000 views on Youtube, it's been interpreted by The National Orchestra of Sweden and – even more flattering – it's been performed at several local school graduations.


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