Port of Gothenburg

The Port of Gothenburg makes a total makeover online

Redesigning the largest port in Scandinavia, and making it relevant to a wide range of target audiences.


The Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in Scandinavia and the most important logistics hub for the entire industry in the Nordic region. Valentin&Byhr has been the lead agency for the port for several years, and when it was time to develop, redesign and launch their new site we were assigned the mission.

Being relevant to everyone

The Port of Gothenburg has a wide range of target audiences with varying needs. Partners, customers, citizens, authorities and decision makers are a few examples. The port is also an important actor on different arenas, locally as well as nationally and internationally. The new website is designed to meet all theses varying needs, with relevant functionality, information and inspiration for each visitor.

Made in Sweden

How does Swedish ABSOLUT VODKA end up on a bar in New York? Or Hästens Sängar in a shopping mall in Beijing? The Port of Gothenburg plays a significant role for the Swedish export. With intriguing stories we have illustrated the logistic processes in getting Swedish products successfully out into the world. Enjoy the journey!

Arrivals and departures

Time is money. On the site you can see which vessels are about to call at or depart from the Port of Gothenburg. This is vital information for agents, terminals and many partners in their daily business. All vessels are also presented with pictures and information.

Liner services

The Port of Gothenburg offer Scandinavia's widest range of services at sea. In the Lines Services map you'll find both direct services to some 130 destinations as well as services with transshipment. The map is open for agents to add new lines.

History in pictures

The Port of Gothenburg has a fantastic library of pictures from 1810 and onwards. Now made public, searchable and accessible for anybody interested in the operations and activities throughout history.

The new website has become a useful tool for our customers and partners.

Cecilia Carlsson, Vice President Marketing Communications, The Port of Gothenburg


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Technical Director

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