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Silent mornings in Gothenburg with 145 electric buses

How do you make an engaging film about 145 electric buses driving around in Gothenburg, when you don’t have any buses? Well, advanced 3D animation and the famous song “Morning has broken” paved the way.


Volvo Buses was planning for the delivery of 145 electric buses to the City of Gothenburg. It was one of Europe’s largest deliveries of electric buses and Volvo wanted to spread the word to other cities and customers and make a clear statement about their capacity and products. In addition, they wanted to reach out to the general public and explain how Volvo’s electric bus system really affects everyday life for people. Our assignment was to create a campaign, mainly for social media, about the big delivery and its benefits. But there was one major challenge: we had to make the whole campaign without having access to all the buses. They were not going to be delivered until the campaign was launched.


Times/year will passengers enjoy silent buses at bus stops in Gothenburg

What we did

First of all, we realised that we needed to show how much 145 buses actually is. But we needed more. So, we started to calculate how much impact this number of clean and silent electric buses will have on a city like Gothenburg. And it was amazing. Over one night, Volvo’s buses would electrify 33% of the city bus fleet. CO2 emission would be reduced by more than 14,500 tonnes /year, and passengers would enjoy silent buses at bus stops more than 17,640,000 times/year. Big numbers showing the big impact, on which we based a series of social media video posts.

In addition, we wanted to add an emotional relevance. We ended up with the concept: When a quiet start makes all the difference. The core was the film “A new awakening”, showing how the new electric buses were delivered and how they spread out in the city and created silent mornings for people. Relaxed and quiet moments in otherwise busy environments.

Since we didn’t have any buses, we had to make them with advanced 3D animation. To help boost internal pride at Volvo, many of the actors were actually Volvo staff. And if you listen carefully, you will hear that the soundtrack is a specially written version of the famous song “Morning has broken”.


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