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Quester launch site

Experiencing the next heavy duty truck from UD Trucks

In the truck industry, traditional thinking is all about communication and design. When launching the Quester site we wanted to challenge those conventions with a warmer, more dynamic and human approach.


Playfulness and interaction became the building blocks for all parts of the website. By letting people play with the brand we triggered their curiosity and emotions.

The site was responsive and based on a strict grid system, making the layout clean and easy to follow. By letting elements break the grid, we highlighted important features and added a three dimensional feeling to the site that was well in line with our ambition to make it lively and inviting.


Quester was launched on a dozen Asian markets where the site served as a unifying force. Here, truck buyers, drivers and partners were able to explore not only an outstanding truck – they also discovered a renewed brand that was ready to conquer the world – and the future.


Tobias Sunnanängs

Technical Director

+46 70 450 05 63