Playing for a healthier workplace

Using interactive innovation technology to get Skanska’s philosophy across

Skanska is one of the leading construction companies of the world. And their philosophy is really simple: the better you feel, the greater you perform at work. That's why Skanska developed their green office building concept to help employees stay healthy and stress-free.


To capture this idea we created Grow - a game to be used at business events at Skanska showing prospective clients the performance benefits of a healthy workplace by letting them experience it first hand. Using sensors on a headset, we measured the player's game activity. The more relaxed you were, the greater the reward.

Grow made its first appearance at the opening party for Skanska's building Tennet in Gothenburg, Sweden.


To capture this idea we created Grow, a game to be used at business events at Skanska, showing prospective clients the performance benefits of healthy workplaces. Grow uses sensors on a headset for measuring the player's game activity. By rewarding relaxation the by making a tree grow it rewards the player. Grow made the visitors experience Skanska's devotion to a healthy workplace.


To detect if the player was relaxed or not we used a NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile biosensor, which measures EEG brainwave to establish focus and concentration. By utilizing the Bluetooth connectivity of the biosensor we built a native iPad application that could detect the player's level of relaxation by making a tree either grow or shrink. The iPad then presents one view for the player on his/her iPad screen and another to the audience showing a big, growing tree.

The game was developed in-house at Valentin&Byhr and implemented in Objective-C using Sprite Kit.

One of our greatest challenges was to make the game easy enough to be played without any assistance. The user had to go through a number of steps to grasp the context, including making sure that the biosensor was correctly placed on the head.