Pea field marketing

How we sold Findus’ premium vegetables to busy caring providers


Findus is the leading Swedish premium brand in frozen vegetables. Founded in the south of Sweden, the company has a proud history of growing vegetables in a sustainable way, and today the Findus brand equals premium vegetables offering the highest quality in both taste and nutrition with an environmental concern.

Valentin&Byhr got the assignment to develop a campaign to boost sales of Findus' Swedish-grown vegetables and distance the brand even further from the pursuing private labels. The target group was "caring providers"; parents committed to both their families and their careers.

What we did

We based the campaign on the popular and well-known Swedish chef Tina Nordström. Tina, as well as Findus, originates from Skåne and with her proven inclination for high-quality ingredients and zestful cooking she’s the perfect spokesperson for Findus. We also came up with “Green goodies”, a new wording describing Findus’ vegetables, and let Tina be the one to use it.

We shot three films featuring Tina cooking simple and tasty dishes in the middle of a blooming pea field. The films were placed in video banners on food blogs and in social media, and were also complemented by ads and point of sales material. We also recycled an existing tv-commercial by adding a new, campaign-focused ending to it.


Brand recognition rate

The effect

Findus' average advertising awareness reached 20%, which was the highest monthly score during 2015, and brand awareness rose from 58% to 63%.

The tvc reached an observation rate of 61% and a brand recognition rate of 75%, which combined gave an impressive cut through rate of 46%.

The online activities reached an observation level of 8% and a brand recognition rate of 72%. The click through rate nearly doubled and the cost per klick was halved compared to previous campaigns.