On Folkteatern’s mind

Folkteatern, one of Gothenburg’s theatres, was facing a new season. In order to lower the threshold of visiting the theatre, we decided to give Folkteatern a new expression and collaborated with artists like Ollio and Ekta.

Background and concept

Instead of marketing play by play we tied all of them together. We wanted to convey the core of the theatre and at the same time make the plays more accessible. We therefore established the concept “On Folkteatern’s mind”. This concept enabled us to enter the minds of the actors and characters. We entered Hamlet’s mind. Was he crazy or ingenious? We entered Marie Antoinette’s mind. What was going through her mind before they decapitated her? We entered the director’s and even the audience’s minds. What were they thinking when working on and viewing the play?

How we did it

The overall objective was to broaden the audience. We wanted to give them an accessible, pop cultural and somewhat punky expression, far from classic theatre. This would enable us to reveal the true personality of Folkteatern. We wanted to give them the opportunity to, in a playful way, communicate what theatre at Folkteatern is all about. 

The first thing we did was to interview the writers and directors. We gave their thoughts to different photographers and asked them to take a portrait of one of the actors from a play. We then asked artists to go wild and interpret each play.  We gave each play a clear identity and started telling the story through the marketing. We produced ads, social media videos and “On Folkteatern’s Mind” interviews.

On Andreas' mind:

"This mask, which they now have put on, makes it easier for Folkteatern to tell the amazing stories they carry around. It gives them an opportunity to be more playful and express their true selves; their pop culture and punkiness. On Folkteatern's mind is a sharp tool to get closer to the core of the theatre."

Art director: Mari Ljungqvist
Copywriter: Andreas Kjäll

On Ekta’s mind:

"I received a beautiful printed photo. That made me anxious. I received two copies. I started tearing one apart, to completely get rid of the anxiety. Then I took the pieces from the torn photography and started gluing them onto the intact one. I'm constantly searching for a flow, like in a song. I managed to find that in this process. I built a good foundation and was then able to start adding elements like numbers, forms and the disco bowl. I'm very pleased with the result. I like the whole sequence."

Photographer: Rob Vanstone
Illustrator: Ekta
Actor and model:  Pablo Leiva Wenger

On Mari's mind

"To visualize Marie Antoinette's overindulgence, we added repetitive graphic elements influenced by Kraftwerk, as if Marie Antoinette was eating one macaron after the other to the rhythm of The Robots."

Photographer: Jonatan Fernström
Illustrations: Mari Ljungqvist and  Jörgen Einéus
Actor  and model:  Evin Ahmad

On Ollio’s mind:

"Hamlet is kind of a schizo character, and I quite quickly got the idea of splitting his face in half. I received a print, a photography of one of the actors, and I thought it would be cool if I tore it apart. So I did that, and made my own pattern on one of the two halves."

Photographer: Rob Vanstone
Illustrator: Ollio
Actor and model:  Ardalan Esmaili

On Mari’s mind:

"I read the book which the play is based on and decided to portrait the vulnerability of children. The yellow flowers are a symbol of this and where actually picked by my own kids."

Illustrator: Mari Ljungqvist

On Jonatan’s mind:

"I appreciate working with actors. They are able to express themselves fully in impressive ways, just by small adjustments which makes the whole difference."

Photographer: Jonatan Fernström
Actor and model:  Elisabeth Göransson

On Kardo’s mind:

"All that was left ... this title raises questions about the past, but also the present. For me, this picture tells the story about the journey that shapes you, the journey that takes you from what you have been to what you have become."

 Photographer:  Karl-Oskar Bjurenstedt
Actor and model: Kardo Razzazi

We are proud of how the campaign helped our client with their overarching goal, to broaden their audience.

Sophia Emms, Planner