UD Trucks

More than just another launch

How to introduce a new cost-efficient heavy-duty truck in Asia beyond facts and figures, stirring real emotions.


When UD Trucks launched Quester, it was with the Asian truck markets in mind. The company had spent over 6 years and 1,500,000 engineering hours creating a tough truck, with minimal operational costs and maximum fuel efficiency. At the week of the launch the industry gathered in Bangkok for the unveiling of Quester.

More than a reveal

Our primary goal was to trigger the visitors' curiosity, get their emotions going and make the experience as personal as possible. We decided to develop a number of digital and physical installations, all with the purpose of bringing information to life by making it easily accessible. Games, interactive information screens and live runners on treadmills made it an experience for all senses.

The result

The launch of Quester was an immense success. It earned UD Trucks brand new fans and created an impressive amount of on-the-spot orders.