Launching the future

The world's leading test site for active safety.

In August 2014 AstaZero – the world's first full-scale test facility dedicated to advanced safety research and development – was opened in Hällered near the town of Borås. The facility creates new opportunities for industry, academia and others to test technologies that will bring safety one step closer to the vision of zero traffic fatalities.

Valentin&Byhr was commissioned to create and communicate the inauguration of AstaZero – the world's most advanced test facility for active safety.


AstaZero is primarily targeted to the global automotive industry and Swedish and international academia. Our job was to create an inauguration event that would put AstaZero on the map as a unique resource and the place to be if you are working with tomorrow's active safety solutions.


To really understand what AstaZero has to offer, you have to experience it. Based on this insight we created a concept that said: "Experience AstaZero – the future in active safety research". We then invited people from the automotive industry, academia, national and international trade press and media, politicians and others to take part in a journey into the future.

Valentin&Byhr managed the project from start to finish. Our work included everything from project management to concept development, creation of invitations, concept film, site exhibitions and site tour, press event and of course, the grand inauguration with traditional ribbon cutting.


600 guests attended the event. 60 of these were journalists from national and international press who together published 400 articles in Swedish and international media in the days following the event. The opening also made the news desks at both SVT (public service) and TV4 (commercial) – and was covered both nationally and regionally.

The PR value has been estimated to over SEK 2 million and counting.

2,000,000 SEK

in PR value