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How a bus launch ended up on Spotify

How do we launch Volvo’s new electric bus, developed for street smart cities? Well, let’s be street smart, and make a film based on an amazing true story.


When we got the assignment to launch Volvo Buses' new electric bus, we decided to continue working with the successful theme 'Listen to Your City', which we initiated two years ago. Electric buses are silent, clean and can run everywhere. This opens up completely new opportunities to create places for people to meet, get noticed and actually listen to each other.  For the launch of the new Volvo 7900 Electric, we wanted to make a film about someone who tried to be heard, but who didn't get the attention he or she deserved. That's when we found Nathalie Cuti.

A dream comes true

Nathalie Cuti from Gothenburg, Sweden, dreamt about a breakthrough in the music business. She had just about given up her dream when we asked her to star in Volvo's launch film for their new bus. Nathalie agreed, and immediately wrote the song "Light the Lights" for the film, based on her own story.

On stage, on Spotify, liked and shared

In the film, Nathalie finally gets the chance to play her music and be heard. At the same time, this happens in real life. 'Light the Lights' has been released on Spotify, Nathalie Cuti has performed live in London, and Volvo Buses' launch film has been viewed and shared millions of times on Facebook and Youtube. Together with Volvo Buses, we literally made Nathalie's dream come true.

3 million

views on Youtube and Facebook


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