City of Gothenburg

Feelings that matter

The City of Gothenburg needed to attract more young people to the assistant nursing profession. We chose to document a magical meeting between the performer Gina Lee, the artist Ossian Melin and people at a retirement home in the city.


Gothenburg is in dire need of assistant nurses within geriatric care. Almost half of the young people want jobs that help improve society. They want meaningful jobs but they don't see  assistant nursing as a natural option. During 2014/15 only 1,3% chose to study the health  and care program at the Gothenburg city schools, a big drop in comparison with the national  average at 2,8%. We were asked to reach out to young people between the ages of 15 and  25 in order to convince them to pick the health and care program in school and  consequently choose a career within geriatric care.

What we did

In order to prove to this young target group, so eager to perform meaningful work, that this is the job for them, we chose to do a test. We wanted to show what this profession really is all about: assistant nurses that by their presence alone and their commitment to the job can make another human being feel better, not just emotionally but physically. The outcome – a creative concept named ”Feelings that matter”.

We created a documentary based movie that described the feelings that are stirred when young and old people meet. No scripts where used, we wanted to portray the meeting and test in a genuine way.  As a basis for this we chose to perform a test that established the ways music affects us, in order to illustrate music as one of many tools to evoke feelings.

In another episode we look at what it is like for young people when trying to choose a profession and how parents influence their decision making.