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Behind the scenes of our biggest bloggers

Using the star chefs of our time, we give something valuable back to foodies and spice connoisseurs of today.


Santa Maria's Extra Fine Selection is a series of high quality organic spices with inspiration from all over the world. These are spices for foodies, for spice connoisseurs. Our mission was to build awareness of a spice collection aimed to those who want honest and authentic products, who want to create dishes with real flavor and quality beyond the ordinary.


To reach the foodies and offer them something valuable, we chose to turn to their inspirers: food bloggers. We chose bloggers from Sweden, Norway and Denmark who stands for organic cooking and curiosity, who believes in the honest and the authentic, who share the Extra Fine Selection philosophy.

What we did

The bloggers were allowed to choose one or a few spices from the collection and cook a recipe. We documented it in short movies where you get to visit the bloggers at home and listen to them talking about their relationship with food. The movies get us behind the scene; the bloggers shows us their way of cooking and how they shoot their food. These movies were published in Santa Marias own media channels, in the bloggers channels, and were also cut down to 15 seconds pre-rolls. The recipes were of course published on the blogs, in a retail folder and on the Santa Maria site.

To reach foodies we chose to turn to their inspirers: food bloggers.


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The effect

The documentary movies reached a higher viral spread than Santa Maria's previous content of this kind. The Green Kitchen Stories has reached well over 65,000 views on Youtube.

These are spices for the foodies, for spice connoisseurs.

Using a more personal and targeted customized content we managed to create a high commitment and increased credibility with our customers.

Sandra Öfverman, product manager spices, Santa Maria


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