Port of Gothenburg

Are you the engineer it takes?

The Port of Gothenburg is expanding and needs to hire skilled engineers. We created a challenging campaign.


The Port of Gothenburg is planning to double its capacity in the coming years and needs to recruit engineers to handle the projects. This includes everything from big infrastructural projects to yearly maintenance of the port's facilities. However, the port is a rather unknown employer for engineers.

Therefore they needed a combined employer branding and recruitment campaign, showing that the port has interesting jobs for skilled engineers.

What we did

Engineers within infrastructure like to develop, create and build big projects. They like the challenges involved and like to share their stories with others. So we decided to challenge them, and ask if they really had what it takes to be engineers in The Port of Gothenburg.

To find the right challenges, we asked the engineers already working in the port to create relevant questions and challenges that would appeal to potential colleagues. The result was the campaign "Are you the engineer it takes?". The campaign featured a range of tricky questions which were pushed in social media, used in banners and to form a complete test on the website. When answering a question you were directed to the "Work at the port" page on the web site and a list of job openings.


Emma Sahlén

Account Manager

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