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We help brands earn their space in people's lives

If you want to be a runner up in the fight for people’s attention you need to matter, make a difference. The only way forward is to understand the world people live in and what value a brand can add to their lives. Our job as communicators is to know what people care about and how a brand should relate to it in order to earn a place in their lives. That is how we turn encounters between brands and people into experiences.

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Value generating communication that strengthen the customer experience

Customer Experience


We listen. Curiously. That’s the engine in our method to understand the world your brand lives in, your customers’ journey, what happens when the two of you meet. That’s how we draw the right conclusions, find the right insights and create communication that turns encounters between brands and people into experiences.

By listening to your and your customers, we can map needs and challenges and identify value generating points of contact where we should be, where we should talk.

Once we have reached a full understanding of all relevant needs, we will package our insights and turn them into communication that stimulates and dramatizes encounters between your brand and your customers. Whether it’s physical, on a digital platform or in a social media post. We will do what it takes for your brand to earn its place in your target group’s life.

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Top notch at what we do, but most of all 100% committed

The people who work here are passionate, receptive and we’re in it for the long run. We are honest, group oriented and very, very curious.  Our core values describe who we are today – committed, curious and value generating.

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1 200 agencies from 109 different countries

Valentin Experience is synonymous with independence. That doesn’t mean that we’re left all alone in the world. We are part of thenetworkone, an independent agency network, with 1 200 other agencies from 109 different countries. This might be good to know when it’s time to launch the next global campaign.