About us

We are a customer experience agency

We map and optimize customer experiences – interactions between brand, humans and culture – to help brands earn their space in people’s lives.

Our offer

Value generating communication that strengthen the customer experience

By the use of service design, consumer planning and cultural insights, we examine and analyze the target group’s needs, drives and outside world, and gain insights on what creates value in interactions between customer and brand. These insights are a central part of our offer, and necessary to be able to draw the right conclusions.

But in order to ensure value-adding interactions between brand and custome, we must translate the insights into action. Using concept development and design, we optimize these interactions with the use of moving, interactive, visual and verbal touchpoints.

Since we work with the entire process from insight to delivery, we ensure that our insights really become value-creating communication. This is the core and the strength of our offer.

Our experience

Our portfolio of brands

Who we are

Top notch at what we do, but most of all 100% committed

The people who work here are passionate, receptive and we’re in it for the long run. We are honest, group oriented and very, very curious.  Our core values describe who we are today – committed, curious and value generating.

Our colleagues

Our friends

1 200 agencies from 109 different countries

Valentin Experience is synonymous with independence. That doesn’t mean that we’re left all alone in the world. We are part of thenetworkone, an independent agency network, with 1 200 other agencies from 109 different countries. This might be good to know when it’s time to launch the next global campaign.