The experience above all

We are convinced that all advertising, communication and design have to be built on the understanding of the end-customers' reality. And that's when brands can truly earn their space in people's lives.

Our offer

Service Design

  • Customer group analysis
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Business development


  • Planning
  • Brand strategy
  • Concept development
  • Channel strategy


  • Social media strategies
  • Press coverage
  • Press contacts

Graphic Design

  • Graphic identity
  • Packaging design
  • Print
  • Adverts
  • Illustrations


  • Websites
  • Native applications
  • Sales tools
  • Interactive installations

Photo & film

  • Commercials
  • Photo & CGI
  • Social media content
  • Motion graphics

How we create excellent Customer Experiences

Understanding the customer

At Valentin Experience we always try to get a really good understanding of the end-customer's reality. By the use of Service design: we map their customer journeys from the point that they consider a product or service until they are happy ambassadeurs. By adding planning to the equation, we can get an even greater understanding of the challenges that the brands face.

Strategy and concepts

With newly found insights on which pain points need to be optimised in order to add necessary value to the end-customer, it's time to set goals and tactics that will lead us there. We map out how the brand should be experienced, identify the efforts that will lead us there and ensure that all communication efforts are stringent in all channels and over time.

A true experience

The key to successful results is quality in everything we do. We develop ideas, design and communication that are stronger due to the fact that we always have the entire customer journey in mind. Not focusing on a single action but instead on a chain of events. And in order to come up with the best ideas, we need serious skills. Something our Art Directors, Designers, Copywriters, Developers and Motion Graphic Designers are blessed with.

Our experience

Our portfolio of brands

Our differences

We are 47 people with different talents, personalities and interests. We are horse lovers and hunters, metal heads and jazz cats, writers and artists, yogis and martial artists, karaoke kings and viking age reenactors, winter bathers and cyclists. We love and nourish our differences, while united in all, being both curious and committed.

Our colleagues

Our friends

1 200 agencies from 109 different countries

Valentin Experience is synonymous with independence. That doesn’t mean that we’re left all alone in the world. We are part of Thenetworkone, an independent agency network with 1,200 other agencies from 109 different countries. This might be good to know when it’s time to launch your next global campaign.